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Tarot Readings, Oracles and Dowsing

Tarot Readings Australia

Every Oracle card is a symbol of an event or a person in your life. When reading the Tarot cards, images of the collective subconsciousness come alive. 
During a reading, the cards and your guides can give personal information and show which way or which decision is the right one at this point in time.
Celestial Guidance can give you an insight of your souls desire and let you see which fears and doubts play an important role in your life right now. My Tarot Readings are more like a counselling session, where we look at problems and the best solutions. 

The guidance will take you into a journey of your past, your present and your future, so you can follow your own path to the life of your dreams. 

"I am very grateful to Monica Finazzo for the amazing Tarot experience.
Monica blew me away with her knowledge of Tarot during the reading she gave me today. She was very accurate as she pinpointed key events and situations that were happening in my life  and in my past that were spot on.

100% recommended. Thanks Monica" 

Nairlin, Sydney, AUSTRALIA  

“I've been going to Monica for the past 10 years whether I feel extremely happy and want to channel that energy or when I find myself a bit lost and wish to connect with myself again. She's an amazing teacher” Layla, Texas USA

“Monica Finazzo and the tarot have given me important and valuable information as she has been very accurate in her readings, thanks to this, now I can see things from another point of view ”

Nathaly, Panama City, PANAMA

Skype Tarot Readings and Aura clearings

Card Reading Skype

Where ever you are in the world you can take advantage of a reading. Off course it is more emotional and beautiful in person, but I have been doing Skype and phone readings for over 9 years and they have all been as successful and accurate as the readings face to face. 

You can also opt for a Chakra Checking and balancing trough the media, with maximum benefits. 

Tarot Readings Australia