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Holistic Therapy and Remedies

I am here to support you in your healing journey and to give you your power back. To regain control of your life by finding out the root cause of the issues and emotional blocks that stop you from reaching your full potential.
 No more band-aid solutions. Take the time to peel away the layers that hold you back from being the person you know you can be.
Life experiences, traumatic events, people and unexpected changes can create emotional blocks that can keep you from enjoying your life. I will help you to unravel your emotional web in a caring, comfortable and confidential environment.
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Enchanted Menu

Hypnosys, Healings, Therapies
Bach Flower Remedies
Readings    30 min / 45 min/ 60 min 

Kids Healings   30 min 

Energy Healing   90 min 

Access The Bars   90 min 

Hypnotherapy   90 min

Bach Remedies
Customize Healing Programs (4 Sessions) 
Readings, Tarot, Free  Tarot Readings
Access Bars, Reiki