Angels Are All Around Us

Angels are messengers of God. The word “angel” comes from the Greek word “angelos” which means “messenger.” The Hebrew word for angel is “malakh” which also means “messenger.” The Persian word for angel is “angaros” which means “courier.” There are hundreds of examples of angels at work through the centuries. Angels are mentioned in all major religions. They are mentioned over 300 times in bible. Throughout history it has been completely natural for humans to talk to and listen to heaven. Almost every major religion has entities that are equal to or very similar in description to angels, as we know them now. It has never been doubted that beings form a higher source are here. The Hindus writ

How To Read Oracle Cards - Quick Guide

Oracle cards are a great way to communicate with your Angels; they are a new age development of the ancient art of Tarot divination. Oracles are usually very positive and inspirational. They are user friendly, you can use them to do daily readings for yourself and others, and unlike Tarot, you can do a one-card reading and it will make perfect sense, however the most popular oracle card spread is the 3-card draw. There are lots of different decks, so just find one that resonates with you, that the images look good to you and that it feels right in your hands. There are many ways in which the Oracle cards may be used. These cards can provide answers to most all questions and they can relate t

How Do Angels Communicate?

There are four distinct ways in which we receive energy and messages from heaven and the angels. Clairvoyance (clear seeing) Seeing means either seeing messages with your physical eyes such as seeing something written that pertains to another aspect of your life, or seeing a person in public that you have been thinking a lot about. This type of seeing can also mean seeing with your minds eye. This is similar to how you see in a dream or a daydream. You can see anything, but some examples of signs and messages others have seen are, numbers (especially repetitive or sequential), seeing faces, locations or objects during dreams or meditations. Extra sensitive clairvoyants even see angels in the

Sound Healing

As part of my Soul Wisdom Video Series, learn all about Sound Therapy - or what is sometimes referred to as Sound Healing. This modality creates a resonance in vibration which improves wellbeing.

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